The EG-CMS is a friendly and effective solution for Internet site management of a promotional website, enabling various activities such as opening menus and sub-menus, uploading photos to the website, daily updating of events, banner management, information booklet management, free search according to text, lists of postal distribution and contact details.

The advantages of this formational website include:

It is less expensive than developing and designing a personal website.
Speed –It can be ready within several hours.
Self-updating of the content  - There is no need for programmers and designers.
The customer updates the website on his/her own at any time. Dynamic
Dynamic – There is an editor for each menu, enabling full control of page design. Friendly
Friendly – Anyone can update the website. There is no need for specific knowledge.


The EG-Shops

Eventgo has developed its unique online retailing software engine as a web based virtual shop with a B2B or B2C basic configurations.

It's robust yet user-friendly with full admin capabilities so our customers may configure their own list-of-items, prices, discounts, member-groups, or any marketing content.

Full list of clearing/payment methods included in our package and it's easily tailored to any customer's needs. the whole process of buying with our package is natural and easy to use.